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Rachael’s Litter Letter Project was recently adopted in Greenville, South Carolina. I’ve been working with them for over a year to plan this one. Here is a video explaining how they used the exhibit.

Wanda’s art exhibition, Gardens of Hope, will be on exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art September 16, 2022 – April 2, 2023. Wanda will be presenting her paper, “About Color,” at the Southeastern College Art Conference, SECAC, in October in Baltimore, MD.

In July 2022, Palgrave Macmillan published Dr. Kravstov’s book “Autocracy and Health Governance in Russia.” It answers a call to explore how and why different types of authoritarian regimes undermine the performance of governance systems and fail to serve the public interest. Challenging conventional accounts that equate corruption and neoliberalism with bad governance, his research points to institutional setup as the underlying reason for massive failures in the health sector. It exposes the enduring patterns of bargains among rulers, elites, and intermediaries that sustain the regime but undermine people’s welfare. Empirically, he shows how drug shortages, hospital reductions, fake vaccines, and harm-reduction criminalization have become possible in Putin’s autocracy.

Dr. Metcalf had two entries accepted and published in the open educational-resource, 1000-Word Philosophy

Sr. Cordova, CDP, had a paper accepted to present at the Society of Biblical Literature: “Luke 16:19-31: Human Perspective in Question.” Denver, CO, November 20-23, 2022. She is also working on a forthcoming chapter: “Cultural Diversity within Catholicism” in Routledge International Handbook of Sex Therapy and Religion. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. Sr. Cordova signed a book contract: The Parables of Jesus and the Power of Transformation in Virtue. Paulist Press. Over July 1-10, she led a Biblical Tour (Study Abroad) to Turkey: Seven Churches of Revelation and Island of Patmos. She was also accepted as Member of the International Society for New Testament Studies and established a Charity, Andean Christian Children, in Peru.

Dr. Gapud had papers accepted by an international conference on PLS-SEM. She also attended the ICP Cohort 15 Orientation, Monday, July 11- Thursday, July 14, at Loyola University Chicago Retreat and Ecology Center (LUREC) Woodstock, IL.

Dr. Grimley published, with a then-undergraduate math SHC student now-graduate student in Artificial Intelligence, M. van den Oever, L. E. Grimley, R. M. Veras, Using q-learning to select the best among functionally equivalent implementations}, ARRAY 2022: Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Libraries, Languages and Compilers for Array Programming (June 2022), 37-45. She attended her American Institute of Mathematics (AIM)-funded SQuaRE meeting on Schur Duality of Quantum Toroidal Algebras remotely and has been given continuation funding for a follow-up meeting next year.

Dr. Wood published an essay on the US Constitution’s complex relationship with slavery and abolitionism: “Abolitionists, Congress, and the Atlantic Slave Trade: Before and After Ratification,” in From Independence to the U.S. Constitution: Reconsidering the Critical Period of American History, eds. Douglass Bradburn and Christopher Pearl (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2022), 93-125

Read the essay here

Dr. Haramia gave an invited plenary talk titled “Astrobiological Searches for Shared Knowledge” at the Astrobiology, Exo-philosophy, and Cosmic Religion conference at Willamette University in May. She presented a paper titled “Is There a Moral Difference Between Messaging and Mere Detection?” at the PSETI Symposium at Penn State University in June. She was also invited to compose a publication for the international, interdisciplinary art project A Sign in Space, for which she serves as a lead collaborator. The project’s team members are working with the European Space Agency and the SETI Institute and have secured permission to transmit a signal from a Mars satellite to Earth as part of a global theatrical performance.

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