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Business Analytics m C

Business Analytics is a combination of statistics and mathematical computing logic applied to business issues in real-life. It is the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making a data-driven or fact-based decision. The increase in data collection capabilities through advances in scanner technology and an explosion in computing power and storage capacities have greatly enhanced the use of data to understand the behavior and activity patterns of consumers and producers. This has also enabled organizations to solve critical business problems faster and more accurately than ever before.

Why Study Business Analytics

This degree path encompasses data management systems, economics, research, website development, investments and more. Companies today are aggressively hiring business analysts who knows how to process and analyze data. As per Glassdoor’s ranking for the best job in America, Data Scientist has been holding the No. 1 position for the last three years with a median base salary of $110,000.

Required Courses

For the Concentration

  • BAN363 Essentials of Business Analytics
  • BAN463 Advanced Business Analytics
  • CIS362 Database Management Systems
  • ECO301 Managerial Economics or MKT 422 Marketing Research
  • Two of the following
    • CIS 371 Website Development
    • FIN410 Investments
    • MKT364 Media Planning and Measurement

For the Minor

  • BUS 263 Business Statistics
  • BUS264 Management Science
  • BUS363 Essentials of Business Analytics
  • CIS382 Database Management Systems
  • ECO301 Managerial Economics
  • MKT422 Marketing Research


Dr. Anindya Biswas
Division of Business
Yenni Hall, Room 308
Phone: 251-380-4386

“Dr. Biswas was always available for outside help, even at night when we are really struggling. Overall I think he was a great teacher who really wanted to see his students succeed.”
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