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Criminology C

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Are you committed to the search for truth and social justice? Passionate about making the world a safer place? As a student of criminology at Spring Hill College, you’ll examine the nature of crime, the behavior of criminals, as well as the effectiveness and failings of the current criminal-justice system.

Students who complete the criminology program at SHC gain:

  • The benefits of a general sociology background;
  • An ability to analyze societal responses to crime, criminal behavior, and methods of social control;
  • An understanding of the consequences of crime, laws, and criminal behavior; and
  • An understanding of the origins of crime, laws, and social control.

Where We Work

  • Investigator
  • Researcher
  • Crime Analyst
  • Probation Officer
  • Victim Advocate
  • Law Enforcement
  • Professor
  • Consultant
  • Corrections Officer

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 2
  • Popular second majors: Psychology, Business
  • Clubs: Sociology Club


Antonio Brito '16

The best part about Criminology is you really get to learn all the forensics of case solving, the mind-set of individuals from certain areas and why they commit the crimes they do. This major has been an eye opener for me and it honestly has no dull moments. Get ready for a ride because this major takes you from 0 to 60 as soon as you step foot in the class.

— Antonio Brito '16

Dr. Harold Dorton

Criminology is best seen as a social science--not to be confused with the science of criminal detection or forensic science. With crime frequently in the news and always an important issue, a degree in Criminology has never been more relevant. At Spring Hill College, students not only examine why people commit crimes and how offenders should be punished--they also look at fundamental questions--how crime is defined, how criminal laws are created, and the ways different cultures view crime and justice.

— Dr. Harold Dorton

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