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Health Care Management m C

Concentration in Health Care Management

Spring Hill College offers both a concentration and a minor in Health Care Management. This concentration builds on business foundational courses to provide the student with a tighter focus of management in the health care setting.

The Health Care Management concentration is designed to prepare students for various careers in the health care industry, which is one of the most significant industries in the US economy. Employment opportunities include positions with hospitals; public health programs; pharmaceutical companies; medical laboratories; nursing facilities; surgical facilities; and health education and training companies. This concentration also prepares students to enter graduate or professional school.

In addition to the core requirements required of all Spring Hill College graduates, students in Health Care Management will complete the lower-division and upper-division core body of knowledge requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Then, students move on to complete the 18-hour concentration in Health Care Management.

Concentration in Health Care Management

HCM 301 Foundations of Health Care Mngmt
HCM 311 Health Care Legal & Regulatory Env.
HCM 450 Business of Health Care: Strategy & Mngmt

Choose any 3 courses:
BUS 496 Business Internship
HCM 495 Health Care Information Systems
HCM 495 Long-Term & Senior Care Health Practices
HCM 495 HR Mngmt for Health Care Orgs.
HCM 495 Health Care Organization & Policy
HCM 495 Seminar in Pro. Dev. for Health Care Executives

Minor in Health Care Management

CIS 115 Applications in CIS
ECO 102 Principles of Microeconomics
ACC 201 & 202 Principles of Accounting I and II
PHL 313/Business Ethics/PHL 311 Bioethics
HCM 301 Foundations of Health Care Mngmt
HCM 311 Health Care Legal & Regulatory Env.
HCM 450 or The Business of Health Care: Strategy and Management or HCM 495 Special Topics in Health Care Management


Nate Cunningham ‘02

Spring Hill College was a natural fit for me. The school has a great business program and provides an excellent foundation for problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking.

— Nate Cunningham ‘02

Dr. Charmane May

I love watching these young adults change from a student to a contributing adult in the business world.

— Dr. Charmane May

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