Real World Ready Through Community, Faith and Service

“The deeply rooted Jesuit traditions that are actively present on The Hill are contagious, it is difficult not to be forever changed for good by being part of this college community! There’s no place like Spring Hill!”

Easton Hollis is a senior theology major with a minor in philosophy from Gonzales, Louisiana. He shared thoughts about how the Jesuit values at Spring Hill have impacted him over the last four years and how these values will influence his future.

Q: What influenced your decision to come to Spring Hill College?

My sister, Mackenzie graduated from Spring Hill in 2014 so her experience obviously influenced my decision but also, I knew from the minute I stepped on the campus that The Hill was a special place and was the place for me!

Q: What other campus activities support your decision?

The Campus Ministry opportunities that I learned about intrigued me. How many colleges can you attend where there is such a strong sense of community and service? The service aspect of attending a Jesuit college like Spring Hill also resonated with me and I could sense early on that service and ministry were pillars of the Spring Hill experience.

Q: What are your career plans when you leave Spring Hill?

After graduation, I plan to continue studying theology, ultimately gaining a Master of Divinity from a Jesuit university and pursuing a career in education.

Q: Advice for new students on how to get the most out of their Spring Hill education experience?

Have fun, be present, take advantage of the retreats and get involved! What makes Spring Hill so special is literally everything it has to offer. Get involved from the beginning and you won’t regret it!

Q: How has the College prepared you for your career?

Being a student at Spring Hill is challenging in a good way. We are encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually. Through that growth, we are prepared to excel in our careers while at the same time remembering to live out our Jesuit teachings through our families, our communities, and our careers.

Q: How has Spring Hill College prepared you for the real world?

Spring Hill has prepared me in so many ways that are invaluable. There are so many people that make up the Spring Hill family that have helped me become a better person for others. They have truly taught me the importance of cura personalis in all walks of life for all people. 

Q: One of the Jesuit values we are committed to is “cura personalis,” that is, a care for the
spiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person. How has this impacted you and why? 

Spring Hill truly reflects “cura personalis.” It can be felt and seen daily through simple conversations at lunch while “caf sitting,” on mission trips, visiting with the homeless, retreats, and self reflection. We see it at the athletic events where we all come together bleeding purple supporting our Badgers. It’s the people at Spring Hill that believe in the value of cura personalis, live it out, and share it with us for the time we are on The Hill. 

As for how it has impacted me personally, it has become part of my identity, I can’t leave it behind, it’s coming with me!

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