Spring Hill College Italy Center: New Year, New Students, Renewed Approach

The Spring Hill College Italy Center in Bologna, Italy hosts 34 students this fall, arriving September 5, 2021. The students come from Spring Hill College, Creighton University, Regis University, The College of New Jersey and Rhodes College. This enrollment tops that of Spring 2020 – the last semester before Covid-19.       

“Taking classes at the Spring Hill College Italy Center will open students’ minds to new, challenging approaches in a variety of academic issues. Traveling throughout Italy and Europe will make them truly global citizens,” said Alia Nardini, PhD, Italy Center Director. “Part of our Italy Center mission focuses on serving underprivileged communities — a life-changing experience that engages students in deep reflections about their role and purpose in life.”

The Italy Center lives its mission through three main areas of study: 

• Commitment to Social Justice: Offering students the chance to meet and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, supporting them to reflect on the “bigger picture” of their study abroad experience through local internships, research projects, and service-learning. 

• Immersive academics: Connecting the lessons with the travel program, meeting local and international experts and experiencing firsthand what is learned in the classroom. 

• Travel with a purpose: Experiencing the real and authentic side of Italy, unlike what students find in guidebooks or most other study abroad programs. Going off the tourist track and having rich, authentic cultural opportunities based on the Italy Center Network of contacts.

E. Joseph Lee, II, President of Spring Hill College said, “We are delighted to be able to provide students from across the with this opportunity! The Italy Center is preparing our students to become real-world ready on a global scale, allowing them to spread our Jesuit traditions worldwide.” 

See here for full details on the Spring Hill College Italy Center.

Students attending the Spring Hill College Italy Center are expected to follow the COVID-19 protocols developed by the Italian government and the European Union (EU). Students attending the SHC Italy Center in Bologna should have completed their vaccination cycle before coming to Italy. Beginning August 6th, 2021, the Italian authorities are requiring people to show proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID, or a recent negative test to sit at indoor tables in bars and restaurants, access museums, swimming pools, gyms, and amusement parks, and sport competitions. 

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