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Working at Spring Hill College

As a Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts institution, the focus and mission of Spring Hill College – and its employees – are much different from that of a business or even a typical public college or university.

The atmosphere on campus – the relationship between faculty and staff and students – is richer and more meaningful because we share a common goal regardless of faith, race, gender or background: to provide the very best learning environment possible so that our students are prepared to be responsible leaders in service to others in or out of the classroom, and have the greatest opportunities to grow as young adults and succeed as professionals.

Spring Hill College Mission Statement

Rooted in its Catholic heritage and continuing the centuries-old Jesuit tradition of educational excellence, Spring Hill College forms students to become responsible leaders in service to others.

We offer our students a thorough preparation for professional excellence; and we strive to awaken mind and spirit to the pursuit of truth and to the ever-deepening appreciation of the beauty of creation, the dignity of life, the demands of justice and the mystery of God’s love.

In our community of living and learning, we are committed to the Jesuit tradition of “cura personalis,” that is, a care for the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person.

Through informed dialogue with the world’s cultures, religions and peoples, we promote solidarity with the entire human family.

And true to the Catholic and Biblical tradition, we nurture both the personal and social dimensions of faith, seeking to draw our students into a deeper and more vital relationship with God.

Spring Hill College Compelling Focus

The people of Spring Hill College, in community, work together to nurture learning for body, mind and spirit. We take the time and make the effort to teach and act with justice, with care and in the service of others.

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