Communication Arts

We believe there is intrinsic value for all students in examining the role of media and communications processes in our society today. They permeate our lives in both overt and subtle ways; and their serious study is very appropriate within a liberal arts context, where students are trained to be both free and responsible thinkers. For our majors we aim to cultivate a high level of media literacy and a keen awareness of the impact these media have on our life and culture. The program fosters students’ critical and analytical thinking while it prepares them to engage in various media-related fields. They progress from analysis and reflection to ethical action both as consumers and as potential producers of media content.

The college’s mission – to strive to promote “the common good of the global human community” – is integral to our program. Modern communication methods are helping shape a new global community and are revealing the disparities among national and regional communities around the world. In addition we believe that preparing our students to eventually participate in these media fields is also a significant and worthwhile endeavor. Those majoring in Communication Arts learn skills basic for careers in a wide variety of media outlets today. Guided by strong ethical principles and a concern for justice for everyone in the global community, we attempt to develop in our students skills on a number of levels: critical, analytical, theoretical and practical. Through the various classes, internships and on- or off-campus papers and projects, students have an array of opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of these skills and their aptitudes for media careers or further study in graduate school. We expect those graduating with a degree in Communication Arts to begin the serious journey, in their personal lives and in their media careers, of being “leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice and service for life.”


Digital Video Production

Students who are interested in the hands-on production of still and moving imagery – audio and video within a variety of digital formats – will find this an attractive, worthwhile and challenging degree. Students learn to write professionally, produce, edit and distribute (on the Web) documentary, journalistic, promotional and short fictional videos, and still photography. They will produce these videos in a single-camera, “film” style with emphasis on employing creative expression while learning professional procedures.


This engaging area of study will challenge students who hope to work as professional communicators. The field of journalism has become wide-ranging – from traditional forms of media such as newspaper, magazine and broadcast, to Web and other digital applications. Students will learn to professionally write, produce, edit and design information for a variety of formats. They will put into practice newsgathering strategies, alternative forms of information, and the legal and ethical considerations of working as a media professional.

Public Relations & Advertising

Students interested in the fast-paced and competitive fields of public relations and advertising will be exposed to industry-standard KSAs (knowledge/skills/abilities) through a program that helps cultivate core competencies of initiative, resourcefulness, time management and teamwork while underscoring the importance of ethical practice. Public Relations & Advertising prepares students to be professional persuasive communicators with focus on writing, strategic planning, message development and the adaptability that comes from a rich, Jesuit, liberal arts foundation. Adaptability is necessary as persuasive communication continues to become more focused on the individual through advancements in technology and the proliferation of digital media. Public Relations & Advertising prepares students to be highly flexible for varied career paths in just about every industry and form of practice, including corporate communication, agencies, nonprofits, special event planning, media relations, fundraising, online content production and more.