About The Division

Education is at the heart of every school, especially here at Spring Hill College. The Division of Education offers a real world perspective on learning and instruction in K-12 school settings. The following is our list of undergraduate programs:

  • Elementary Education (K-6 Certification)
  • Biology Education (6-12 Certification)
  • English Language Arts Education (6-12 Certification)
  • Spanish Education (6-12 Certification)
  • Visual Arts Education (K-12 Certification)

Questions about these programs? Contact Dr. Paige Raney, at praney@shc.edu or 251-380-3479

Program Offerings

Spring Hill College boasts a 100% teacher certification rate for our Education majors!

Real World Experiences

The Division of Education requires our students to gain teaching experience in our local schools, ensuring they have the confidence and interpersonal skills they need to become real world educators.

In addition to off-campus experiences, we have clubs, honor societies and other student organizations that can expand students’ portfolios further with extracurricular activities, events and projects. Learn more about our many student organizations here.

You can also learn more about career development, preparation and opportunities with the Office of Career Development.


  • Paige Raney

    Assistant Professor, Chair of the Division of Education

  • Christine Martin-Sanchez

    Assistant Professor, Education

  • Lori Fos


  • Lori Price

    Associate Professor

Hear From an Education Student

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