Join us on The Hill!

Register now for our in-person Badger Day Open House on February 19th!

It’s the perfect way to experience your new home and connect with the Badger family. We’ll even have a fun college tailgate where you can experience college life for yourself!

You’ll learn about…

  • Our new affordable tuition starting this Fall.
  • The variety of student organizations and service opportunities.
  • The 52 different programs of study, from a faculty member.
  • Unique opportunities for internships and other professional studies.
  • The ease of Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid at Spring Hill.
  • The inspiring benefits of a Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts education.
  • The successes and influence of Spring Hill Alumni on the world around them.
  • How we prepare students for the Real World after graduation.

Learn more about Spring Hill College during our Badger Day Open House and see how we can make you Real World Ready.

Schedule a visit to our beautiful campus, located in Mobile, Alabama by registering here, and see for yourself the value of a Spring Hill College education.

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