Spring Hill College students and faculty share their experiences as part of the #SHCFamily.

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Abigail ‘23

Academic Interests: Theology/Education

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience at Spring Hill is probably one time when my friends and I were playing frisbee on Rydex after classes on a beautiful Friday. We were listening to music, throwing the frisbee, having fun and just enjoying the presence of each other. I looked around at my amazing friends and turned to look at St. Joseph. In that moment I felt so loved and I knew that Spring Hill had become a home to me!

Activities: Springhillian Ambassador, Labre, Campus Ministry, Sodality

Hobbies: Photography, Theology, being outside, hanging out with friends

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Waldo ‘23

Academic Interests: Biology, Chemistry and Theology

My most meaningful experience at SHC: I have so many picking one is difficult. Probably the last day on campus before the quarantine.

Activities: Sodality, Greek Life, SGA, intramurals, Students for Life and American Medical Student Association.

Hobbies: Soccer, Video Games and Underwater Basket weaving (Comedy)

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Valeria ‘23

Academic Interests: Nursing

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience at Spring Hill would probably be the great connections I made with professors and the new friends I made. Because of our relatively small community I was able to make multiple bonds with lots of different people. By participating in a lot of school activities, it allowed for my friendships to grow.

Activities: Springhillians, Greenkeepers

Hobbies: Painting, coloring, reading, hanging out with friends

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Macy ‘22

Academic Interests: Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Theology

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience at Spring Hill is not just one specific instance, but rather the experience with the whole Spring Hill community. As soon as you begin your journey here, you immediately become part of this Spring Hill family. Everyone here is so supportive and loving, always rallying together in times of joy, sadness and even uncertainty. When you come to SHC, it immediately becomes a home to you. Everyone here treats each other with respect, whether that be student, faculty or staff. They are all here to help you become the best version of yourself. Just know that if you choose to come to Spring Hill, we will accept you wholly into our Spring Hill family.

Activities: Springhillian Ambassadors, Students for Life, Political Science and International Studies Club, Campus Ministry and Pre-Law Society

Hobbies: Reading, playing tennis, hanging with friends and chilling out and watching Netflix

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Meghan ‘21

Academic Interests: Biology Pre-Health

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience at Spring Hill College is the day I got confirmed at St. Joseph Chapel. Before coming to Spring Hill, I was not Catholic. However, my roommate freshman year was devoutly Catholic. She introduced me to many of her friends and invited me to participate in several small groups. I was extremely grateful for this being that I was the only one at SHC from my high school. After getting to know many Catholic students, talking with Jesuit priests and taking a Catholicism course with my now favorite Theology professor, I decided I wanted to become Catholic. I remember my Confirmation was around 4 p.m., right when the sun was starting to set. I remember that same Theology professor saying I was glowing, not only from the sun beaming through the yellow glass windows of the chapel, but from the big smile I had on my face. Getting welcomed into the Church was one of the greatest moments of my life. I had all my closest family and friends supporting me. I can’t thank Spring Hill enough for making this opportunity possible for me. I feel more joy and peace than I ever thought was possible. I could not be the person I am today without the friends and professors I’ve met at SHC. I will be forever grateful for that.

Activities: AMSA, RCIA leader

Hobbies: Running, watching Disney movies

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Kayla ‘20

Academic Interests: Sociology and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Psychology

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience at SHC are the exposure days for local high school students that I was able to organize through The Foley Center. This was so meaningful to me because it solidified that I wanted to work with children and how hands on I was in the process of putting it on.

Activities: Sorority, Spanish Club, Springhillians

Hobbies: Laying on the golf course listening to music

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Regina ‘22

Academic Interests: Graphic Design, PR & Advertising, Photography

My most meaningful experience at SHC: Freshman year, I was questioning my major choice and just broke down crying during my art critique. My teacher brought me into her office and when I told her what was going on she brought me to the graphic design professor. By second semester, I was a design major instead of marketing. It was nice to just have someone other than my parents to talk to and help guide me to what I wanted to really do.

Activities: Foley Center, Marketing Intern, AIGA

Hobbies: Photography, DIY Projects, Scrapbooking, Designing

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Shelby ‘21

Academic Interests: Biology-Pre-Health

My most meaningful experience at SHC: I couldn’t choose just one memory, but I really like about Spring Hill is that the community is so close, and there are events that help you to hang out with friends and meet new friends after a long day of classes. Being an international student and a transfer, I was worried I’d be homesick. One of the most memorable moments for me was going to the welcome mixer at McKinney’s in August and meeting my now close friend Lianne who is also from Belize. I’ve also met other great friends especially when I decided to join Greek life, a decision I definitely don’t regret. I am also really grateful to have been able to be a part of the International Service Immersion Program (ISIP) organized by the Campus Ministry. Being able to travel to Punta Gorda, Belize helped me to have a deeper appreciation for the Jesuit value, men and women for and with others, through immersion service for the people in the community we worked, all while also building a bond with the others in my group. Spring Hill is full of great experiences, and I will be forever thankful for them.

Activities: Springhillian Ambassador, Greek Life, CPB volunteer, AMSA, ISIP

Hobbies: Cooking/Baking, Netflix, Travelling

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Justin ‘23

Academic Interests: Pre-Med/Dentistry

My most meaningful experience at SHC: My most meaningful experience was when I toured Spring Hill in my sophomore year of high school. From the moment I drove up the hill, I knew this is where I wanted to go to college for my undergraduate. Ever since my sophomore year in high school, I made it a goal to leave Spring Hill College with a footprint on the college and to gain life long friends in the community.

Activities: Golfing, studying A LOT, jet skiing and traveling

Hobbies: Golfing, jet skiing

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Connect with Faculty

Steve Almquist

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies Reading, watching sports, playing golf

What makes SHC different from other colleges? The faculty are devoted to students’ overall development, exuding the Jesuit value of cura personalis. The close-knit community allows students to build meaningful relationships with their instructors and peers.

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Tom Hoffman

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies Jazz music, film noir and reading (of course!)

What makes SHC different from other colleges? We strive to be intellectually challenging and caring at the same time!

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Fr. Chris Viscardi

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies Pastoral work with Spanish speaking immigrants, History of Spring Hill College

What makes SHC different from other colleges? Our Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity make us not only a small liberal arts college, where faculty and students connect in a very personal way, but also a college that offers a rigorous preparation in your chosen major, along with exploring the purpose and meaning of our lives, the gifts and responsibilities of living in a world that is created in the image and likeness of God.

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Chris Dodsworth

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies Cats

What makes SHC different from other colleges? What’s truly distinctive about Spring Hill is our community. Academically, you can see this in the way that we collaborate across disciplines – to offer unique courses, to help our students, and to manifest cura personalis: care for everyone in all aspects of their lives. As we all struggle with the new reality imposed on us by the pandemic, I’m grateful (but not surprised) at how our community is responding to the needs of each of us, individually.

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Dr. J

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies I am an outdoor enthusiast: water sports, paddle boarding, snowboarding, boating, fishing, fitness, mountain biking……I also do most of these activities with my wife and kids.

What makes SHC different from other colleges? The student’s access to professors and the relationships students can make with SHC faculty is one element that makes Spring Hill College special. Students have the opportunity to meet with his/her academic advisor whenever the need arises. I regularly meet with students to discuss degree plans, experiential learning opportunities, and to discuss career options. When students ask an SHC faculty for a letter of recommendation, there is no doubt the faculty knows the student’s academic abilities, and more than likely, has developed a friendship that will last well after the student’s graduation.

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Tom Metcalf

Activities, Interests, and Hobbies Politics, home improvement, video games, MMA, science.

What makes SHC different from other colleges? I’ve taught at several colleges and universities. But SHC’s instructors, more than at any other institution, make it obvious that they think about and get to know every student individually and care about those students’ success. I’m lucky to teach at a college like SHC, where I can learn so much not only from other instructors but also from my students.

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