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Badgers Back 2020 - Spring Hill College announces Fall 2020 plan:  Click here for more

Badger Day Open House

Get a look at the college you could call home.

Come to our Badger Day Open House on February 17 at Spring Hill College.
It’s the perfect way to experience your new home first hand and connect with the Badger family.

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  • The inspiring benefits of a Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts education.
  • A day with current students and learn about life on The Hill.
  • The variety of student organizations and service opportunities.
  • The powerful impact of our faculty from all of our academic divisions.
  • Unique opportunities for internships and other professional studies.
  • The ease of Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid at Spring Hill.
  • The successes and influence of Spring Hill Alumni on the world around them.
  • Why a Spring Hill degree is highly affordable and a valuable career asset.

When students attend a Badger Day Open House, they are inspired by their experience.

“I enjoyed how personal it was. Going to larger colleges makes you feel like a group and not an individual.”

“I like that everyone knew each other and I learned a lot about campus life.”

“It was crazy beautiful.”

“Fantastic! Everyone was able to answer my questions.”

Parents love the first-hand experience as well!

“It was a wonderful experience.”

“Spring Hill College is the best of the three colleges we have visited.”

“I liked the closeness of the faculty and the alumni communication. I am very impressed with the guidance and willingness of the Spring Hill Community to help students’ success.”

Come to Spring Hill during our Badger Day Open House and experience the value of a Spring Hill College education.

Register for February 17
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