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Media Visits to Spring Hill College

Spring Hill College requires that all news media contact the Office of Marketing Communications before coming onto campus with requests for interviews or to cover a story.


Although the college welcomes the public and media to many events throughout the year, this does not imply that 1) the public or media have unrestricted access to grounds, buildings, activities or restricted areas or 2) that all events are open to the public and media.

Please contact the Marketing Communications to request permission and an official media relations escort from the Marketing Communications team prior to covering any event.

Members of the media are not allowed on the Spring Hill College campus unless accompanied by an official staff member of the Marketing Communications office.

Requesting Media Access to the Campus

External media, video and sound crews entering onto Spring Hill College property are generally accompanied by a member of the Marketing Communications team or the office’s designee.

When journalists are expected on the campus, Marketing Communications will also advise the Spring Hill College Office of Public Safety of their presence.

If news media receive invitations to visit the Spring Hill College campus from anyone other than a staff member of the college’s Marketing Communications team, we ask that the news media call the assistant director of media relations to check to see if the event or activity is indeed open to the media.


The college’s Marketing Communications group coordinates requests for interviews of students, faculty or staff on behalf of the college. The Marketing Communications team will work with the requesting party and the potential interviewee or source. If a requested source makes a decision to be interviewed, the Marketing Communications representative will facilitate the logistics for the actual interview to occur and serve as an escort to the media crew.

The assistant director of media relations or the chief marketing officer must be notified in advance by any production or media /news crews that have “prearranged” interviews with students, faculty or staff. All media requests to visit the campus must be officially approved by the Office of Marketing Communications prior to scheduling.

Limited Access Areas

Spring Hill College residence halls and student apartments are not open to the media, unless an exception has been granted in advance by a Marketing Communications representative from the college working in concert with the Office of Student Affairs.

Media Relations Contacts

Donna Heroux, chief marketing officer, at 251-380-3868 or or
Ashley Rains, assistant director of media relations, 251-380-3869 or

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