Commercial videotaping, filming, photography and media requests at Spring Hill College

PERMISSION: Commercial businesses, agencies, organizations and media outlets requesting filming, videotaping or photography projects on the College’s campus must get permission to access the campus by contacting Spring Hill College, Tyloria Crenshaw  at

PORTRAITS: Professional or personal photographers who would like to use the College’s campus as a setting for portraits (bridal, engagement, family, etc.) must ensure the photo shoot does not conflict with an event already scheduled to take place on campus. To do so please contact our Facilities Director.

COMMERCIAL USE: If your request is for use of the College grounds or buildings for commercial purposes including movies, video or photography that will be used for paid entertainment, sales or promotion efforts, please reach out to Tyloria Crenshaw for access permission and then the project details must be submitted in writing to the Facilities Director.  Please  provide a basic description of the project, timeline and intended use. Fees may be required for any photography, videography, production, etc. that is not is not news media-related. 

MEDIA-SPECIFIC REQUESTS: Media requests to access campus for video b-roll, photos or interviews with Faculty, Staff, Students and/or Administration must contact the  Director of Media and Public Relations, Tyloria Crenshaw This applies to any media outlet — television, radio, digital, social or magazine.