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Advertising Policy

Spring Hill College Advertising Policy and Sponsorship Guidelines – Office of Communications and Marketing

  1. All paid advertising for Spring Hill College can be placed only with prior authorization of the Office of Communications and Marketing. The Communications Office will provide recommendations on and creation of all marketing and advertising campaigns for the College and its departments. (Except for basic classified and/or display advertising of SHC job openings that are coordinated through the Office of Human Resources.)
  1. Groups or organizations holding events or programs at SHC and who wish to promote or advertise the activity must allow the Office of Communications and Marketing the opportunity to preview all relevant print and broadcast advertising and review and approve all news releases.
  1. The Director of Communications and Institutional Marketing and the Web Developer must also approve use of any College graphics, photos, logos or information on any Web site other than Spring Hill’s. Organizations seeking to have a direct link from their Web information to SHC’s website must get prior approval from the Director of Communications and Marketing.
  1. All non-College and external businesses or organizations using campus grounds or facilities are required to publish a brief disclaimer on all advertising materials stating: “The (name of event or organization) is totally responsible for this project and is not affiliated with Spring Hill College.”
  1. Organizations or groups using SHC property and facilities who wish to invite news media coverage must inform the Office of Communications and Marketing prior to the scheduled event.
  1. External organizations or agencies proposing Spring Hill College as host for educational or children’s programs and events must submit in writing an explanation of the activity, proof of bonded insurance coverage, and list of responsible individuals.
  1. Any representation of Spring Hill College athletics teams, mascots, logos or emblems for advertising or sponsorship of any kind must be pre-approved by the SHC Sports Information Director and the Director of Communications and Marketing. This includes graphic representation on merchandise and apparel. Spring Hill College does not endorse or promote any products or services.
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