About The Department

The arts are systems of communication that teach us about human interaction and creativity in problem solving. They challenge our perceptions and teach us to sense and interpret the world around us, and they bring us pleasure.

Students may choose from a variety of courses in visual, performing and media arts. Theoretical, historical, and performance-based classes reveal how personal expression can both reflect and change the culture from which it springs, develop creative approaches to problem solving, communicate in profound and exciting ways, and help us better understand and experience what it is to be fully human and alive.

Program Offerings

Spring Hill College offers well-rounded programs in Graphic Design, Performing and Media Arts and Studio Art

The Eichold Gallery

The heart and soul of fine arts on our campus is located in the Eichold Gallery, where student’s works are displayed and creativity is fostered by the beautiful and unique environment developed in the building. We offer several workspaces for students to practice their artwork, whether visual, performative or musical.


  • Rachael Hatley

    Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

  • Terry Maddox

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Paul Noble

    Associate Professor; Department Chair, Communication Arts

  • LaVada Raouf

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Wanda Sullivan

    Professor of Art / Director of Eichold Gallery

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