About The Department

Inspiring students to refine their skills in interpretation, communication, and written expression is the mission of the Department of English.  Every course we teach, from first-year composition to the senior capstone, emphasizes critical reading and effective writing.  Literature’s unique ability to engage both imagination and intellect enables readers to inhabit ideas, characters, and cultures.  Through exploration of literary texts and contexts in a classroom atmosphere of engaged and open inquiry, students develop their capacity to participate in the conversations that help us make sense of ourselves and our world.

The English Department offers studies in the English language; American, British, Irish, and world literature; ethnic and minority literature; and creative, professional, and expository writing.  The department places a high value on student engagement, with many discussion-based courses that involve students in the interpretation of texts.  In addition to discussion, faculty use a blend of classroom techniques ranging from group work, presentations, and lectures to the incorporation of guest speakers and multimedia resources: all geared toward developing students’ abilities to think critically and articulate their insights clearly.

In addition to its course work, the English Department offers students many chances to interact with faculty and each other outside of class. These include editing or contributing to the student literary magazine, The Motley; attending the annual lecture series; participating in the English Club or our chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society; and taking part in our REACH reflection social honoring seniors in the department. 

Program Offerings

Spring Hill College offers a variety of programs in English and Writing including our new Certificate in Professional Writing!

Real World Opportunities

Because of its scope and flexibility, the English major prepares students for success in a variety of professional and leadership roles. It provides an excellent background for advanced graduate work in areas such as the humanities, law, medicine, library science, or business. Our graduates often work in journalism or the arts, become teachers or professional/technical writers.

Others find opportunities in social and civil service work, sometimes after spending time in community service such as the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or Teach for America. Majoring in English at Spring Hill College provides students with reading and communication skills and analytical abilities found highly desirable by any employer or graduate school

In addition to off-campus experiences, we have clubs, honor societies and other student organizations that can expand students’ portfolios further with extracurricular activities, events and projects. Learn more about our many student organizations here.

You can also learn more about career development, preparation and opportunities with the Office of Career Development.


  • Stephanie Callan

    Division Chair of Languages and Literature

  • Robert Arbour

    Assistant Professor

  • Stephanie Girard

    Associate Professor

  • Leigh Ann Litwiller Berte

    Associate Professor

  • Catherine Swender

    Associate Professor

  • Andrew Tumminia

    Associate Professor

  • Michael Williams

    Associate Professor – Emeritus

Sigma Tau Delta

  • Sigma Tau Delta is an English honor society for students at four-year colleges and universities
  • Established in 1924 to confer distinction for high achievement in English language, literature, and writing
  • Dedicated to fostering literacy and all aspects of the discipline of English
  • The largest honors organization in our field and one of the largest members of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)
  • Over 870 local chapters in the U.S. and abroad—and growing

Get involved! For more information, visit http://www.english.org/sigmatd/

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