Frequently Asked Questions - Academics

For many students, a laptop is as essential as having textbooks and a school ID. While Spring Hill provides several computer labs throughout campus, a personal laptop provides students with 24/7 ability to complete assignments and prepare for exams, as well as use social networks, watch movies, listen to music, play games, post photos, and video-chat with parents and friends back home.

All professors hold office hours when students can go see them for help. There are also tutors available to students on campus free of charge. A list of tutors will be printed and distributed in student mailboxes within the first few weeks of class.

The College is prohibited from releasing certain information to parents without the permission of the student, grades included. By federal law (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment), students over the age of 18 are considered responsible adults and are allowed to determine who will receive information about them.

Some professors take attendance while others do not. A professor’s attendance policy is outlined in his or her syllabus so students are encouraged to review all syllabi.

Students may decide to take summer courses at another institution. Students can transfer classes by meeting with his/her advisor and filling out a transient study form. This form also serves as a letter of good standing to the other institution attended. Also, through this form students will have prior approval to take these courses. Incoming freshmen are allowed to transfer a maximum of 18 semester hours (generally lower division courses).

Summer coursework is optional, as Spring Hill's programs of study are designed to be completed in 8 traditional semesters.

Some students study in residence hall rooms while others find them distracting. There are a number of quiet locations on campus. Each residence hall has a study room. Both the chemistry building and biology building have study rooms. Also, the Burke Library is often a popular place to study. If a student needs a classroom opened, he/she can contact public security and have a room opened at any time of the day.